Horse Related Activities

Lessons and Training: Our teaching and training is for horses and riders of all ages, disciplines and abilities. We use classical dressage methods to help improve communication skills, relaxation, obedience, balance and safety. Our 70 x 140 inside arena with bank-run sand footing, mirrors, natural lighting, lights and sound system provides us with a comfortable place to work inside. Outside we have a wonderful trail system with miles of dirt roads, wood trails and challenging terrain which allows us to enjoy nature and improve our physical and mental fitness. Our horses have won many awards in Long Distance Competitions from 25 to 100 miles as well as dressage and eventing. We offer private instruction on our horses or yours; individual help and coaching; mounted or un-mounted therapy with horses; yoga on horseback; long slow distance training; CTR clinics with ECTRA Judge to help you prepare for competition.

Classical Horsemanship:
– Helps our horses to respond promptly and obediently to our commands
– Helps our horses to become more willing and safer to handle
– Helps improve balance for both the horse and rider
– Helps us become mentally and physically more relaxed and comfortable
– Helps us to use many different exercises that enable our horses to become more supple, fit and athletic
– Helps us to be patient and use correct, clear and consistent communication skills
– Helps us to always be on the path of improving ourselves and our horses
– Helps us to enjoy our equine partner and pursuits more fully
– Mounted or unmounted
– The motion of the horse can help to relax our backs, hips, body and mind
– The act of being with a horse allows our minds and bodies to focus and be present with the horse
– Moving and stretching becomes more effective with the help of the horses rhythmic movement
– There is nothing better for the inside of a person than the outside of a horse
– Most find that they feel much better after riding, both physically and mentally
Long Distance Trail Riding (Clinics and One-On-One):
– Long slow distance training
– Know what to expect and how to be prepared
– Judged mock rides to help you and your horse be ready for ECTRA competitions
Keila Compete